The Theory of Time – A Practical Footnote

This blog has attempted to consider the concept of “time”, utilizing the works and writings of theoretical physicists; to make observations and illuminate “time” as the 4th dimension and its meaning of Einstein’s “Spacetime”; and to discuss the abstract meaning of cosmological time. Fortunately, the comments I have received thus far have been positive, however, a recurring question from a few readers has been “where is the practical application?” I have ignored these comments, with no disrespect intended. While this is a serious and critical topic within the theoretical physics community, with many academics and scientists devoting their careers to the topic, it is not meant to help anyone with time management.

 However, this post is practical and I believe important for all of us to consider.

For so many of us time, and really life itself, is lived as a waiting game. An illusion based in the belief that that the next job, spouse, child, or phase of life will open the gates to true happiness.  The story to so familiar and heartbreaking, and often based in the fear of failure:

In high school a 17 year old believes “this sucks, life will be better when I graduate”.

Then, “college will be great and life will then be good”.

Then, “once I graduate and find a career, life will start to be great and all the rewards are there”.

Then, “finding a spouse is a must and then life will be what I want”.

Then, “starting a family, making big bucks, buying fast cars – this is when life begins and everything will be great”.

But, “now I need a new job to get there and then life will be satisfying”

Then twenty or thirty years pass and one starts to believe that “retirement is freedom and will be key to fulfillment and life will finally be really great”.

We all know where this ends. There is a 75 year wondering what happened to all his or hers dreams. What happened? Where did all the years go and why am I not fulfilled? We all know the fatal flaw here, BUT we still forget it each day.

LIFE EXISTS IN THE MOMENT. Seize it every damn day.


Take a risk; put yourself out there to experience the moments that pass so many of us by. Win or lose, succeed or fail – it does not matter – you will be IN life experiencing the joys, the sorrow and every other emotion.

I am not arguing for a carefree life – to live fast and die young.  Yes, you still need to plan, think, save, work hard, and treat others well, etc… However, along the way and from 17 to 75, life is the journey  – it is not a destination. Not the next new place that is just around the corner at the next thing or next phase of life. It exists in each day, in each moment and in each opportunity. The joys, rewards, success, and the heartbreaks and failures exist in each day and in each opportunity too many of us avoid for the fear of failure or by merely failing to recognize that this is where life is.

Whether you date the right girl in college, or find the right job at age 30 doesn’t matter unless you are living life in the moments at hand. Do not wait and do not fear failing. The greatest achievers throughout history also had repeated failures. From the industry icons (John D. Rockefeller, Cornelius Vanderbilt, Andrew Carnegie, Henry Ford and J.P. Morgan) who built this country, to Internet billionaires; from political and cultural leaders; from Abe Lincoln to the Kennedys – none found success, riches or fame without going through far more failures and miscues. Michael Jordan could not have said it better – “I can accept failure, I cannot accept not trying”. (See below – it is worth the read)

I can promise you that the only way to absolutely doom yourself to regrets and misery and to commit your future to be dictated by your past – is to stand on the sidelines waiting for the next day, month, year and decade to pass you by.

Seize the day.



I Can’t Accept Not Trying

      By Michael Jordan  

“I never looked at the consequences of missing a big shot. Why? Because when you think about the consequences you always think as a negative result.

Some people get frozen by that fear of failure. They get it from peers or from just thinking 
about the possibility of a negative result. They might be afraid of looking bad or being 
embarrassed. I realized that if I was going to achieve anything in life I . . . . had to get out there and go for it. I don’t believe you can achieve anything by being passive. 
I’m not thinking about anything except what I’m trying to accomplish. Any fear is an illusion. You think something is standing in your way, but nothing is really there. What is there is an opportunity to do your best….. and gain some success. If it turns out my best isn’t good enough, then at least I’ll never be able to look back and say I was too afraid to try. Failure always made me try harder the next time.

That’s why my advice has always been to ‘think positive’ and find fuel in any failure . . .   So relax and perform. After that you can’t control anything anyway. It’s out of your hands so don’t worry about it.  But obstacles don’t have to stop you. If you run into a wall, don’t turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it, or work around it… “