Life at the Speed of 140 Characters

It has been too long since my last post and I have a number of physics based observations about the theory of time to post. However this post is both personal and practical.

From one perspective, we look for life squeezed into 140 characters or six seconds of video. Technological advancements are undeniably positive, but the use of them not without negative impacts.  Simpler pleasures at a slower pace are a shared desire by millions. A short vacation from the technological onslaught of compulsive interactions with social media texting should be on everyone’s list. My generation saw the first PC at age 24 and the first car phone at 30. We now wonder how we every existed without them.
 We text compulsively at home, work and in the car. The 20 and 30 year olds have it worse and with gaming consoles kids don’t play outside anymore. Lost is the art of conversation and family or communal interactions. Going “off the grid” is not practical or necessary. Personally, I epitomize the tech addict of my age group. Minimally, I need to stay in touch with 4 kids 21 to 32 and I enjoy the access and freedom that comes with consumer technology. However, there is indeed a need to moderate and find simple pleasures at a slower pace that are not online.
 While I didn’t mention the word “time”, this is very much an issue about my time – and possibly yours.

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