The Foundations of Understanding Time, Part 1

Time shapes our perceptions of the world and of our own identity. We have a memory of the past, a feeling of free will in the present, and hopes for the future. However, our perceptions are directly at odds with mainstream physics. The concept maybe difficult to grasp, but it is important to understand as a foundation for the meaning of time.

Time is a dimension, the 4th dimension along with the three dimensions of space. While it may feel like a leap of faith, we will see that yesterday, today, and tomorrow are equally concrete events existing together. The future exists as much as the past. It is just a place that we have yet to visit. Moreover, this paradigm does not defeat free will and choice because all futures simultaneously exist. Nothing in physics corresponds or recognizes our feelings of the passage of time. The flow of time is a human construct; a necessary one that forms the boundaries of how we experience life. Nevertheless, our division of past, present and future has no place in understanding the foundations of time.

Albert Einstein once said, “The past, present and future are only illusions, even if stubborn ones.” This statement arises for the Special Theory of Relativity, which conclusively denies the existence of any absolute and universal significance to the present moment. The same event viewed from to different reference points occurs at different times.

Stay with me – we will get there.

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