It is certainly easy to ascertain ‘WHEN IN TIME” it is at any given moment:  it’s 3:54pm on Sunday, February 12, 2012.  “WHERE” in time his another question. As illustrated by Euclidean geometry there is another dimension in time that could tells us, on a city map for example, the street, the floor and where in the room that particular time exists. So in edition to 3:54pm on Sunday, February 12, 2012 we are on the northeast corner of the 5th floor at 700 13th Street, Washington, DC 2016. USA, Earth. This would be considered precise in most situations.

 BUT does anybody really know what time it really is?

As precise as the above example illustrates, we are always seeing into the past due to the time light (photons) takes to travel. Light travels at a speed of 186000 miles a second or 700 million miles an hour.  The sunlight which warms your face, departed the surface of the sun eight minutes ago. The photons that left the center of the sun left hundreds of thousand of years ago.  Looking into a clear night’s sky the closest of stars are EIGHT to TWENTY MILLION light years away.  We see them as they existed eight to twenty million years ago! Some are no longer there.  These oldest of galaxies appear to us as they existed THIRTEEN BILLION YEARS AGO.  We will spend much more time dissecting this at in a later post.


If Angel is standing stationary on the train embankment as the train travels West-to-East, and Buffy is riding in the last row of only car the engine is pulling, and Cruela is in the front row or that car; as the train runs 55 mph Angel will perceive the train pass him at the same 55 mph. Now if our Buffy is standing still she will also perceive the same 55 mph as she looks out the windowing relation to Angel. But in relation to a stationary Cruela, who is also on the train, there is no perceived movement at all.

Now lets change the facts:

  • The train travels at 60 mph East
  • Buffy runs 3 mph east
  • Cruela is sitting stationary

Now, therefore,

  • Angel perceives the train traveling 60 mph west-to-east
  • Angel perceives the Buffy traveling 63 mph (60mph + 3mph)
  • To Cruela the Buffy is traveling 3 mph east (0 + 3 mph)

Now, can Cruela run 61 mph East relative to Buffy – and why ??



4 thoughts on “SOME SIMPLE BASICS

  1. My theory of Time is that it does not exist. It is only a measurement of existence. So looking at the starts is not looking into the past. Your only seeing events that happened earlier with the visual stimulus taking until now to be seen.

    This is the same as watching a fireworks display from a distance. You see the light, then you wait to hear the boom. This delay in the sound stimulus does not mean that time was altered, or your hearing the past. Your just waiting for the stimulus to travel to your location. Noise a few miles away, or light a few billion miles away, the effect is the same. It just takes longer.

    My theory of time is stated in a short paper about the Time Dilation theory on my web site ( Fell free to read it and give feedback.

  2. sorry we exist in 2 entities of time 1 time constant and the other time variable and only because matter exist. remove matter and we are left with time constant- Time is master not matter.

    ‘absolute relativity theory of everything’ book

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